1. Objectives: Students completing this course should:

o    be able to understand language in subjects related to the materials discussed;
o    describe events and opinions with fluency;
o    be able to follow and take part in debates;
o    form and express an opinion based on evidence and critical thinking;
o    broaden linguistic knowledge in terms of register and formality and of more complex grammatical structures;
o    understand aspects of English culture and how it articulates with language;

2. General topic for the course: Crime Fiction

The general theme for the course will be crime/thriller novels throughout the last century with the objective of developing a critical sense of language and how it is expressed by different authors. The syllabus also includes video resources to ensure the variety of exposure to spoken English and to increase students’ knowledge of vocabulary and register. The course also includes a section on the crimes of grammar, where the structure, motive and solution to mistakes are analysed to be better understood and corrected.

3. Evaluation

Test 1 – Final Debate    30%
Test 2 – Final Essay    30%
Participation in class + 2 assignments    40%

4. Materials
Material for class will be available for photocopy in the Reprografia Vermelha and a shared drive.