Unidade Curricular | Course Unit

Inglês Vantagem Avançado / English Strong Vantage (B2.2)


Código da Unidade Curricular | Course ID



ECTS | Credits



Ciclo de Estudos | Level

1º Cíclo / Degree


Semestre | Semester

1st Semester


Docente(s) | Instructor(s)

David Michael (Mick) Greer


Língua de ensino | Language of instruction



Programa (na língua de ensino) | Course description (in language of instruction)

 Students will build on the competencies gained in the previous level to attain the required B2.2 standard. Particular emphasis will be given to in-depth analysis of a range of contemporary texts that could include short stories, poetry, newspaper/magazine articles and TED talks. Students will be expected to convey a solid understanding of complex language structures and devices, to question and interpret specific cultural references, and to be capable of transmitting such skills through speaking and writing. Argument construction and organisation will be developed and practised through classroom discussion and various types of writing.


Avaliação (na língua de ensino) | Grading and Assessment (in language of instruction)

Assessment criteria: A discursive essay: 20%; a short play (written and performed as part of a group): 20%; a piece of creative prose: 20%; Participation: 40%

If you have any problems during the semester with deadlines or coming to class, let me know as soon as possible. With deadlines especially, I must know BEFORE the date. AFTERWARDS is no use whatsoever. In other words, I’m tough on deadlines. If you don’t hand something in on time with no previous valid explanation, I won’t accept it and you’ll get zero for that assignment. Do I kid thee? I kid thee not.



Bibliografia (selection) | Readings (selection)

A course book with photocopied texts selected and prepared by the instructor will be made available at the beginning of the academic year.