Feedback on the semester's work

16 Dezembro 2022, 15:30 Miguel Pascoal Figueiredo

Feedback on the work developed during the semester.

The alternative exam in January consists of questions and essay questions about the topics discussed during the semester as well as the compulsory reading materials.

For more information, please contact me: miguel.figueiredo [at]

Oxford Union style debate

16 Dezembro 2022, 09:30 Ana Rita Martins

Oxford Union style debate: "This House Believes democracy is a necessary condition to economic growth and stability"

Feedback on the written Test

15 Dezembro 2022, 12:30 Paula Alexandra Carvalho Alves Rodrigues Horta

Individual discussion of the semester work and final mark.

SHOWTIME Student Pantos PART THREE + Final Exam Info.

15 Dezembro 2022, 08:00 David Michael Greer

Performances of the 3rd  group of student pantomimes

Information on the Final Exam January 2023


The information for the B2.2 final exam is as follows: Thursday 12th at 8 am in Room C015.

 For the final exam (90 minutes, like the lessons), you should prepare our 3 texts (“Ask Philippa”, “The Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Love” and “Visiting Hours”). You’ll have two tasks: an essay on ONE of the texts and a creative piece based on a DIFFERENT one of the texts.

The question paper will tell you which 2 texts you have to write on and the type of writing you must do for each one.

So you’ll see something like this (only an example):

 Q. 1 Discuss the theme of XXXXXX in The text I’ve chosen. (This would be the essay.)

Q. 2 Imagine you are XXXX in The text I’ve chosen. Write about your experience(s) with XXXXX. You must write in the 1st person (as ‘I’). (This would be the creative writing.)

 Each text will be worth 50% of the final mark.

You must bring our coursebook (it can be on your phone) and you can also use online or hard copy dictionaries.

There will be no minimum or maximum number of words.

 If you have any doubts, please ask.



14 Dezembro 2022, 18:30 Gaile Parkin

Individual feedback on Oral Presentations and the course as a whole while small groups collaborated on solving logic puzzles.

Course closure.