Unidade Curricular | Course Unit 

Inglês B2.2 (Vantagem Avançado) | English B2.2 (Strong Vantage) 


Código da Unidade Curricular | Course ID 


ECTS | Credits 



Ciclo de Estudos | Level  



Semestre | Semester 



Docente(s) | Instructor(s)  

Alexis Somerville 


Língua de ensino | Language of instruction 



Programa (na língua de ensino) | Course description (in language of instruction) 

English B2.2 builds on the competencies gained at English B2.1 level. While it works on all four language skills, it aims essentially to develop students’ academic English skills. Besides further improving the acquired knowledge of grammatical structures, students will expand their vocabulary. Particular emphasis will be given to in-depth analysis of contemporary texts, ranging from short stories to newspaper and magazine articles. Students will be expected to convey a solid understanding of complex language structures and devices, to question and interpret specific cultural references, and to be capable of transmitting such skills through spoken and written discourse. 

Reading exercises will usually be provided on Moodle.  

Avaliação (na língua de ensino) | Grading and Assessment (in language of instruction) 

Assessment will be continuous. Students are expected to attend all classes and to complete readings (and other assignments) prior to the class for which they have been scheduled. Students will also be required to perform a variety of in-class activities (both written and oral) and prepare a presentation.  


The assessment criteria are as follows:   

Final written test: 40% 

One written in-class assignment: 15% 

One piece of written coursework 15%

Oral presentation: 20%  

Attendance, coursework and participation: 10% 

Submission of Work: Late submission WILL NOT be accepted. Students who submit work after the deadline will be automatically subject to a mark of zero.

Students should contact me at the earliest opportunity if they cannot attend an exam or make a deadline FOR A MEDICAL REASON. The student’s request should be accompanied or followed by medical evidence or other documentation where appropriate. Lack of advance warning and documentation will result in a zero score. 

Plagiarised work will receive a zero score. 

Bibliografia (selection) | Readings (selection) 

Selected articles, book chapters, and short stories will be made available on Moodle (E-Learning). PDFs of any PowerPoints will also be added there after each lesson, and forums will be created in which students will be expected to participate. Make sure you search for and sign up to the class on Moodle in order to access all of these features. 


Extra grammar explanations and exercises can be found here: https://www.myenglishpages.com/english/grammar.php