Final presentations

15 Dezembro 2022, 09:30 Zsófia Gombár

Students delivered their presentations:


M. J. da Rocha Afonso. “Simão de Melo Brandão and the first Portuguese version of Othello” by Frederica Pereira and Mariana Freitas




History of translation in Ukraine by Valeriia Zolotarevska and Rostyslav Hutsol



Mini presentations:


Bible Translations in English by Bárbara Santos Grázina





Lawrence Venuti on Domestication and Foreignization by Daniela Nunes


Research in Translation History

13 Dezembro 2022, 09:30 Zsófia Gombár

The face-to-face class was cancelled due to extreme weather alert, and a Zoom invite was sent to Sts:

Beatriz Lapa and Rafaela Silva gave their presentation on Teresa Seruya's text on the project Intercultural Literature in Portugal: "The Project of a Critical Bibliography". The presentation was followed by an in-class quiz and discussion.



Test correction

6 Dezembro 2022, 09:30 Zsófia Gombár

The multiple test questions were discussed in class.

Sts' definitions on translation given at our first class were revisited. Sts were asked to work in pairs and to discuss how their initial definitions had changed at the end of our course.

Groups of four were formed, and Sts were asked to reflect on the key translation history figures covered.

End-Term Test

29 Novembro 2022, 09:30 Zsófia Gombár

End-term test was based on the following:

Key texts:

Roman Jakobson. “On Linguistic Aspects of Translation
Marcus Tullius Cicero. “De optimo genere oratorum”
St Jerome. “Letter to Pammachius”
Martin Luther. “Open Letter on Translation”
Étienne Dolet. “The Way to Translate Well from One Language to Another”
Friedrich Schleiermacher. “On the Different Methods of Translating”
Walter Benjamin, “The Task of the Translator”
T. Seruya. “Translation in Portugal during the Estado Novo”

Key authors:
Marcus Tullius Cicero
St Jerome
William Tyndale
Étienne Dolet
Martin Luther
John Dryden
Alexander Fraser Tytler
Friedrich Schleiermacher

Key terms, concepts and works:
interlingual translation
intralingual translation
intersemiotic translation
word-for-word translation
sense-for-sense translation
naturalizing (domestication)
alienating (foreignization)
Rosetta Stone
Demotic alphabet
translation forums (yichang) in China
Chinese translation of Buddhist sutras
Toledo School of Translators
Reformation (1517)
Tytler’s “rules” of translation
‘pure language’ (Walter Benjamin)
Steiner’s hermeneutic motion of translation
Censorship methods in Estado Novo Portugal with respect to literary translation
Main tendencies in book publishing in Estado Novo Portugal

19th and 20th Centuries

24 Novembro 2022, 09:30 Zsófia Gombár

Sts delivered their presentations followed by quizzes and class discussions.

Friedrich Schleiermacher. “On the Different Methods of Translating” by Eva and Gonçalo



George Steiner. After Babel [W] by Mafalda Vale and Ricardo Batista


Walter Benjamin, “The Task of the Translator” by Ruben Martins and Rute Vilanova